Jerry's Suggested Youtube Links

This section contains links to videos uploaded by Nadish Jayasuriya in Sri Lanka.
Many of these are Sri Lankan songs and are exceptionally easy to listen to.
All of these are performed on a Yamaha PSR-S910 keyboard which is the same model I own.

Ukulata Nawath Eda Wage - Rookantha Gunathilaka
Penena Nopenena Duraka Idan by Athma Liyanage
Ahan Inna Ahagena Inna
Chariots of Fire
Nodaka Inna Ba
Wicked Game
Pahana Thiya Budhu Saduta - nice train scenes from Sri Lanka - I also have some comments on the page
Mathakada Handave Api Denna
Oba Dutu E Muldine
Dekopul Kandulin Thema
Can't Help Falling In Love
Unchained Melody
He's a Pirate - from "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam - beautiful video with this
Conquest of Paradise
My Heart Will Go On - from "Titanic"
Teri Meri Prem Kahaani
Why This Kolaveri Di
Nothing I've Ever Known - beautiful music from the movie "Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron"
Malata Bambareku Se
We Are the World
Samba Pa Ti
Winds of Change

This section contains links to videos uploaded by Jaesung Sim in Korea. He also plays a Yamaha PSR-S910.

Super Trouper - an ABBA song
Flashdance - amazing how closely this resembles the original
Lyphard Melody - a Richard Clayderman song
Cheri Cheri Lady

Jaesung upgraded to a $5000 Yamaha Tyros 4. The following pieces are performed on the Tyros 4.

Synth Medley
Midnight Blue

Here are some songs by Horus Curcino of Brazil.

Axel F theme from "Beverly Hills Cop"
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Armegeddon movie theme
Top of the World

Here a couple of songs performed by Heidrun Dolde in Germany. She plays stacked Tyros keyboards.

My Way

These songs are performed Telmo on a Tyros keyboard. Telmo hails from Brazil.

Once Upon a Time In the West - opens with a short piece from "Dances With Wolves"
Hymn - a Vangelis song
Schlager Dreams
You Raise Me Up
My Home Town - a Bruce Springsteen song
Himbeereis zum Fruestueck - opens with a beautiful guitar solo

Here are some videos of Yanni performances.

So Long My Friend - look at the eyes of this dancer
If I Could Tell You
Nostalgia - Live performance at Robert Albert Hall - London
Reflections of Passion - Live performance at The Acropolis
Quiet Man - one of my favorites - great percussion
With An Orchid
At First Sight
A Night to Remember - great choreography
Nice to Meet You
Paths of Water - great horse video
To the One Who Knows - check out the moves of the dancer in red - looks like she kisses her foot
In the Mirror
To Take..To Hold - shows a dance style I've never seen before - very graceful and beautiful
A World in Private
Face in the Photograph
Enchantment - who knew you could do so much with an umbrella
Once Upon a Time
A Walk in the Rain
True Nature

Aircraft accidents

Overloaded aircraft at high elevation - flew towards rising terrain and couldn't climb - no fatalities
Flew towards rising terrain - went to far to turn around - wreckage and video found 3 years later
Horsing around at low altitude in a two-seater turns fatal
Small plane hits power line while landing - Raisinville Twp Michigan
Helicopter snags guy wire

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